Caesar Grubel, Esq.

Experienced Restaurateur

Caesar with Fuddruckers' Team (2006) Caesar at the New England Aquarium (2008) Caesar at the Tsongas Center (2006)


Caesar Grubel, Esq. of Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, is a lawyer turned restaurateur with over 10 (ten) years of general management experience in the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry.




To operate in a dynamic work environment that offers solid career advancement opportunities while making the best use of my proven leadership and management skills, and that will also provide the elements necessary for further learning and professional development.


Employer: Fuddruckers (Reading, MA)

Position: Restaurant Manager

Duration of employment: 3 years (from August 2006 to July 2009)

Employer: Au Bon Pain (Boston, MA)

Position: Café Manager

Duration of employment: 2 years and 8 months (from August 2009 to March 2012)

Employer: Kaizen Management Company (Newton, MA)

Position: Multi-Unit Restaurant General Manager & Commissary Operations Manager

Duration of employment: 4 years and 9 months (April 2012 to February 2017)

Description: All jobs listed above involved all usual general management duties, such as interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling, motivating, coaching and disciplining management and hourly team members, managing team activities so that pressing issues are addressed timely, projecting sales, projecting and controlling cost of labor and cost of goods, ensuring resources are available in order to meet operation demands, tracking and minimizing waste, placing all product orders, tracking guest experience through survey results and pursuing service quality improvement, preparing weekly reports, P&L, payroll, interacting with company accountants, directors, VPs and Executives regarding restaurant operations, pursuit of goals, bonus achievements, as well as any other pertinent issues related to the business, designing and implementing new and improved procedures, promoting awareness, as well as comfortably dealing with all the challenges of operating in fast-paced and busy environments.

Proficiency Areas

Team leadership, active management, quality assurance, problem solving, resources coordination, managing and developing teams, management proficiency, decision making, process improvement, reporting and communication, guest service, food safety, cleanliness and sanitation standards, quality focus, cost control, purchasing, inventory management.

Professional Characteristics

Proven self-starter and able to use own initiative in any situation; tenacious and able to stand own ground when necessary; adept problem solver; naturally authoritative when needed thus having the emotional and social intelligence required to build great work relationships through different levels and across multiple diverse teams within the organization; empathetic to the needs of team members and to those of all others involved in the operation; able to convey respect and empathy sensibly in person, over the phone or in writing; passionate about ensuring that guests are stunned by attention to details.

Personality Highlights

Loyal, committed, reliable, responsible and accountable; never late to work; never called in sick; never missed a day of work for any reason whatsoever; always willing to work late, early, extra shifts, and to operate in an always-on role where demanding or unsociable working hours are part of the job to be performed; excellent personal presentation; extremely fast learner; strong team player with developed team leadership skills; rules follower and yet a fast and creative solutions provider with the correct amount of flexibility.



Other Skills & Hobbies

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Further Information

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